One of the most important brand and success differentiators of current and coming years is Customer Experience. 


Today’s connected society makes our world more complex and instant. Word of mouth travels faster. Consumers are empowered like never before. In this age of digital and social media, examples of poor customer experience spread quickly, loudly and widely, and can destroy years of investment in brand-building. On the other hand, exceptionally well delivered Customer Experience targeted at the right groups of customers drives loyalty and revenue. 


We will help you to set up actionable NPS measurement of all your touch-points with customers. We will enable you to see how you compare with competition and finally we’ll deliver concrete plans to improve your NPS Score 

World is in constant movement. The environment we operate in is also constantly changing. And innovation is absolutely necessary in all parts of our business models. We must consider innovations in all aspects of our operations.


We will discuss innovations with your key staff, but also deliver global „out of the box“ proposed changes and ideas which can refresh your Innovations portfolio. 


Yes, BUT you have experts in house to deliver such Innovation Plan. We are well aware of your well trained and professional staff, however we believe that it is worth the investment to a) get a second opinion from out of house experts in your field, b) get some fresh ideas from the vast experience our experts do carry and finally c) have your staff to concentrate on day to day operational excellence and leave this tedious work on us.


Our experts will prepare detailed Time and Resource Investments requirements.


We will look at TIME necessary to bring the project to operational stage, CAPEX and OPEX associated with the changes, RISK of the project with competitive overview and finally ROI. Several innovative project with GROWTH impact overview bundled in complete Innovative Roadmap for your organization.


We will discuss and explain why the projects has or has not been accepted with the idea originators, so your staff will stay motivated and keep bringing the next big ideas.


The innovations portfolio will be available for your Budget and Forecast planning for years to come. Our top consultants defended such plans at board meetings of multinational companies, so we deliver the material in "ready to present" form.